Road Runner

Venice, CA

Jennifer Siegal bought her home in 2002, a deceased estate that had not been upgraded in over fifty years. The existing 1920s stucco box totaled 800 sf and is now 1200 sf.

Demolishing as many walls as possible, she created an open floor plan, adding more and larger windows and new bamboo floors. She replaced the front door with a custom-designed steel-framed translucent glass door. Opening up to the outdoor garden, large recycled grocery store doors were added to the new kitchen.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the home is the 200 sf addition. Attached to the house in the back is a recycled drop-frame moving truck trailer. Purchased for $1500, the trailer was craned over the house and connected with a master bath and laundry room. She replaced the two metal side door panels of the trailer with large steel-framed glass doors, which open wide to expose the garden. A 2’ x 3’ pivoting glass window was added on the east side, echoing the position of the custom exterior spa and outdoor shower. Open from floor to ceiling with sanded, original mahogany floors, it is the perfect space for yoga and meditation.