Pie.com Corporate Headquarters

For its corporate headquarters, the extreme sports-oriented Pie.com chose a 10,000 sf bow truss loft space in Hollywood. The open plan houses the various functions of the business under one roof, and allows for a dynamic and free flow of [ideas, information, views, light, bodies] within that space. The program includes: reception lobby, conference room, workstations, executive offices, kitchen/dining, storage/copyroom, and brainstorming `base camp' space.

To distinguish work areas, a series of light, almost delicate structures appears throughout, curvaceous and translucent, snaking here and there to delineate places for meeting, sitting, eating, and working. Dotting this interior work-scape are clusters of bi-level, amoeba-like desks gathered in trios around slender electrical supply columns; the locations of these work stations are determined by the overhead cable suspension track that winds its way sinuously around the entire office. A large swirling drum of a conference room dominates the space, rising up to the sky like a wave in a great swell of vibrant blue and green. It is entered along the floor mural, by the LA pop artist Andre Miripolsky.

This complex interplay of materials, colors, forms, and light makes for an animated environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and fruitful collaboration.