More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today

"More Mobile is the little book that roared. About the size of a stack of old 6”x 9” photos (remember those), this modest 145-page book could’ve been much bigger, but then it itself wouldn’t had been very ‘mobile’, representing the inside joke which is very much characteristic of the work found between its covers. Chocked full of high-resolution colour images of the most current examples of transient design – tents, clothing, street carts, as well as Andrea Zittels’ rural pavilions, recently on exhibition right here in Vancouver at the VAG – this literary homunculus is not just eye candy." Sean Ruthen, re:place, November 2008

"At this year's Venice Biennale, MAD architects presented a pointlessly large mobile Chinatown, reminiscent of all that is no longer relevant from Archigram's Walking City of 1964. By contrast, More Mobile addresses mobility in architecture from a standpoint far more in tune with contemporary cultural and scientific developments." David van der Leer, Azure, Nov/Dec 2008

The allure of mobile, portable architecture is worldwide and centuries old. From the desert tents of the Bedouin to the silvery capsules of the Airstream trailer, mobile architecture has inspired designers with its singular characteristics of lightness, transience, and practicality. In More Mobile, the follow-up to her groundbreaking 2002 book Mobile, Jennifer Siegal explores the ever-growing range of possibilities of portable, demountable structures. From serious Refuge Wear to the playful Bar Rectum and the practical Kunsthallen, More Mobile explores the working methods and finished work of the most exciting contemporary designers and presents today's most dynamic, active mobile structures in beautiful color images, detailed drawings, and thoughtful text. Contributors include Studio-Orta, Dré Wapenaar, Andrea Zittel, Andrew Maynard, Andreas Vogler, Horden Cherry Lee Architects, N55, Atelier Bow-Wow, Mark Fisher Studio, MMW, LOT-EK, and the Office of Mobile Design. A foreword by Jude Stewart discusses life on the move, while an introduction by William J. Mitchell considers the house as a robot in which to live.

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More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today
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