Jennifer Siegal Monograph: Report 2005

Jennifer Siegal Monograph: Report 2005The work of Los Angeles-based designer Jennifer Siegal has been called both innovative and thoughtful, as well as eco-conscious and technologically savvy. Siegal’s projects, especially her prefab houses, uniquely combine these two seemingly disparate sets of characteristics to produce some of the most inventive structures found in the design world today. Siegals’ internationally acclaimed work is inspired by both the nomadic and environmentally attuned lifestyle with which she seeks out in her travels and the vibrant industrial manufacturing culture that is fostered in her California working environment. Her buildings uniquely meld industrial sensibilities and materials such as steel and bamboo with an intuitive understanding of texture and scale.

Praised as a "fresh face from the front lines of design" by Fast Company magazine, her work is described by Vanity Fair in the Green Issue as “taking center stage among the most eco-friendly housing options, with their high design - a fluid connection between indoor and exterior - setting them apart from competitors.”

Jennifer Siegal Monograph: Report 2005 presents over seventeen realized and conceptual projects in depth, from their early conceptual sketches to their final intimate details. Published by the China Architecture & Building Press in Beijing this full color 10” x 11” 140 page monograph gives a rare look into Siegal’s process.